Communication breakdown

So its been a while since I’ve posted anything. This could be down to a number of reasons, I’ve been busy, lazy and distracted. I’ll let you decide which is the most likely.

I’m gonna work on an overhaul of the blog, so expect changes!

I’ve decided to add more updates concerning the music I make with ROTS and my new project Wizard fight

ROTS are recording soon and details for the pre order of “The night the tree burnt” will be up soon. Limited edition 4track CDR in hand drawn cardboard case Limited to 30 only Signed and numbered by Me and Sloan

Wizard fight will be doing a rough demo recording of Their first song “Wizard of Black” soon. Keep an eye on the facebook page.

So I’ll keep you updated with news I have on these and more upcoming projects.

Find me on instagram for regular photo updates.

Here’s some tattoos I’ve been doing. Some are from my Iphone and some are just really badly shot. Deal with it.

Im getting so old!

Heres a some of my latest work. I seem to be doing a lot of traditonal stuff, which is awesome.

Thanks to Kai for letting me do a 3 eyed wolf shooting a laser beam, Phil for being old school, Mark for his love of hastings and Laura for taking like a champ!

Check out the rad drummer skeleton, I did’nt do the drum, another local studio did that. Im not one for bitching, but good work on the placement.

Also I wanted to show off some flash I did a while ago, enjoy.