A Bunch of stuff…

So I recently thought about the fact that I hadn’t been posting on here for a while. I decided I should just post a load of stuff that I have done, as I don’t seem to find the time to post regularly enough.

So here’s a bunch of stuff I’ve done, some of the photos are pretty bad. Sorry, deal with it!

Sweet Panther Head, ARRRRRR!

Chaos star, this took ages but it was fun!

Don’t fear the Reaper!

Bark at the moon!

Every Rose has it’s thorn…

Albrecht Durer angel

As you can see I do a lot of different work. I am happy do different styles, but I’m really into Traditional western and Japanese. Or anything, Metal, Pushead inspired and so on.

I have had an interesting time of late. I went over to New York and got tattooed by the Legend that is Thomas Hooper. This is the second time I have been tattooed by Thomas and I always comeback feeling inspired, thank you Thomas.

While I was in NY city I also managed to catch a couple of hockey games, altough it wasnt my beloved Toronto maple leafs, i did enjoy watch the New Jersey devils, it was good just to see some hockey again.

Me at the Prudential centre, Newark

Since I’ve been back I’ve mainly been tattooing and drawing. I did however manage to see the Awesome Kvelertax, Toxic Holocaust, The Secret and Wolves like us at the Underworld in Camden. What an awesome line up that was, good times. After that I came down with the plague and missed seeing Cathedral’s last ever show and Altar of plagues, bad times.

Anyway once again I will be tattooing at The Brighton Tattoo convention at the Brighton racecourse 28th and 29th January 2012. I will be taking booking and doing walk ins. If you are interested in getting tattooed by me email me at plagueoflocust@hotmail.com first come, first serve!


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