Offerings upon the Altar of plagues

My Bro Sloan has just designed a couple of t-shirts for post black metal band Alatr of plagues. Sloan is a very talented artist and these t-shirts showcase his skills.


If you like the band or the designs get them here-

Check out Sloans work

Check out Altar of plagues here-

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Also Myself and Sloan Have started a very large collaboration piece, we will post when the project is finished. I am hoping to document the process from start to finish. This will be a very time-consuming labour of love but I am very excited with the concept and the anticipation of completing the piece.

On a tattoo related note, I will be tattooing Sloan soon and will be posting the finished project. Also expect more new tattoo pic over the weekend.

I will be tattooing at the 5th annual Brighton tattoo convention. More news on that soon.

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